Paragraph. December 21, 2003
Who and What is Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany?

 v  A - Majid The Person.

 v  The Person.

 v  Eldest son and brother to 5 other brothers and 6 sisters – a full football team!

v  Father of Twin Girls (26 – Majda & Maliha – identical - married), Boy (25 – Fahad- married) and Girl (16 – Marwa – in College).

v  Wife (Mrs. Safiya Khalil Said Al Suleimany) works as an Executive Secretary in Finance Directorate in the same Company – PDO – Petroleum Development Oman.

v  Volunteered for and took Early Retirement from the Company after 25 years of service.

v  For Non Arabic readers, the name ‘Majid’ (others spell it Majeed, Mageed) means Glory!

v  Late Father (and both maternal and paternal grandparents) born in Hail Ghaaf Quriyaat (Muscat) and in Nizwa in Oman Interior. Late Father and Late Elder Mother both as Omanis and Arabs that had emigrated to East Africa (Zanzibar & Tanzania) in the 1920s, returned to Oman in the 1970s after His Majesty Sultan Qaboos came into Asccession.

v  Mother and self were born in Zanzibar, Tanzania from same Oman Arab family. Born on 7th June 1956.

v  * My education and training has been fully under the British Education and Training System and Auspices from Cambridge University ‘O’ Levels, ‘A’ Levels and College and University.

v  Fluent in English (see * above). Good in Arabic, Swahili and basics in Hindi.

v  Have direct family members and relatives who are already UAE Citizens.

v  Both Twin Daughters (Majda and Maliha) working in NAWRAS Telecoms, and also my son. My daughter Marwa is in College (Muscat Private International School).

v  All the other family direct members are in Oman, and some family members who are UAE citizens in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai (UAE).

v  There are still some family members in Tanzania and Zanzibar in East Africa.

v  Characteristics and Personality – Strengths.

 v  ** Polite, kind, generous, ‘feeling type of person’, friendly and an outgoing extrovert nature.

v  Highly open, adaptable and flexible to any given situation.

v  An achiever and always with a win-win drive and ambition.

v  A sense of wit and humour! See below also.

v  An aptitude for creativity and innovation.

v  Have a continuous desire and drive to keep learning and to improvise.

v  Persuasive, Encourager and Supportive in all ways and formats.

v  Respect formality and authority.

v  Calls a spade a spade and can be forthright frank and open in views sometimes, especially if asked! See **** below!

v  Emotional and Faculties matured and stable.

v  Takes time (and ‘pushers’ need a lot of efforts) to get him cross and angry.

v  Willing to accept criticisms and for corrective cum remedial actions.

v  Tactful and diplomatic.

v  ‘Live and let live’  life approach. See two sides to a coin, or ‘the wearer of the shoe knows where it pinches’!

v  Moderation, flexible and pragmatism, leadership qualities.

v  Sees a ‘glass half full’ instead of ‘a glass half empty’!

v  Loyal, committed, dedicated, sincere, genuine, ethical and principled in approach and in focus.

v  Very helpful and likes to assist as much as he can.

v  Hates bragging, showing off, pride, superior complexes, bias, favouritism, prejudices, polarization and generalization – modest always

v  Strong sense of integrity, honesty and reliability.

v  Observes Religious Values.

v  Self analytical and assessment (see all these!).

 Characteristics and Personality – Weakness??

v  Sometimes impatient in continued and perceived unnecessary delays, procrastinations, postponements etc.

v  In rare cases can be suspicious in ‘perceived threats and or dangers’ to self.

v  Although generally positive, can be ‘negative’ sometimes in situations of continuous disappointments and failures.

v  Can be very cutting and sharp – very frank, open and honest – especially if unnecessarily being provoked and being under attack.

v  However, can be very forgiving if situation warrants it and being apologized to!

 Characteristics and Personality – Can Work Both ways!

v  Very Optimistic, trusting and always sees good and nice things in peoples.

v  A ‘peoples’ person – again see  above** - Especially Students and Trainees see and consider him as a Father Parental figure.

v  Can be sometimes as a ‘Perfectionist’  or ‘Wholesome’ especially for projects and works being presented. Does not allow any errors and or mistakes!

v  Calls a spade a spade and can be forthright frank and open in views. See **** above.

v  Decisive, Assertive and affirmative in communicating especially a ‘NO – Negative’ answer, and does not beat around the bush (especially Trainees vis-à-vis in Discipline). 

v  ‘Needs to be more tactful and diplomatic in few and rare cases, as customs and culture is to ‘pass message of NO slower in speed and longer in time!

v  Stands his ground and in facing decisions and proposals with seniority and formality, or in his views and outlooks unless convinced otherwise. Does not give up easily. Bosses who just like ‘Yes Men’ may not like this aspect of him.

v  Can be emotional sensitized and erratic in few cases, but returns to normality afterwards.

v  Footnote - There is no human being who is perfect – it is a misnomer. Only God (Allah SWT) is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses per se!

 v  B - Hobbies and Interests: -

v  Reading, * Writing, Correspondence, Films, T.V., Internet, Information Technology (IT), Travelling, Associating and Meeting peoples from different walks of life etc.

v  Have written many articles in Company Magazine and Newspaper, including Local Oman English Dailies. Currently I am a Freelance Journalist (Columnist) with The Oman Daily Observer Feature Articles “Between Us Only” appearing Weekly on Wednesdays.

v  Strength lies also in writing (English) Proposals, Feasibility Studies, Projects etc and in designing IDP – Individual Development Programmes (CDP – Career Development Plans), Personnel Policies and Procedures, Personnel Forms etc.

 v  25 yearsrelevant experiences and exposures in a wide area in Human Resources and General Administration in a large multi-national oil company (PDO) with 5000 plus Staff and 850,000 bpd.

v   Ability to deal with multi-ethnic multi-national staff.

v   Friendly, efficient and pro-active customer / client relations.

v   Working equally well in on own initiative or in a group.

v   With the MBA qualification in International Business Management, possessing the latest modern technology, innovations, ideas, ingenuity in Management.

v  Remained always as a SBU Focal point in Omanisation Team in Petroleum Development Oman - PDO.

v  Capability to identify proactively problems and with equitably practical solutions.

v  Evolving and organising a system.

v  Very good in writing Proposals, Suggestions and Procedures.

v   Several projects done have received awards, e.g. Shell International Awards

v  Continuous learning and exposures to latest technologies and innovations.

C – Continued - Jobs and Responsibilities.

 v   Flexible and open receptive approach especially to subordinates and also peers, expect the same for those in ‘bosses positions’.

v   Keen to ensure successful completion of assigned jobs, tasks and targets.

v   Competent and capable to handle high work pressures and within limited time frames and dead lines.

v  Respect and adhere to Human Resources as ‘The Best Asset’ of any establishment and in outlook.

v   Ethical, Professional and Quality Management focus and in outlook.

v   Created a complete new HR Section after a major Restructuring exercise.

v   Created consultancy firm in Management and Marketing (Managementand Marketing Development Consultancy - MMDC).

v  Others.


v  ……. End  ………