Lack of Support To Omani Authors That Write In English!

Lack of Authors’ Support!

I had written on the very same things in May 2003 – 7 (Seven) Years Ago!

My Articles The Land Rover Story – What Is Happening To Us Now and Good Ideas – But Bad Implementation etc. were all written over 7 years ago on my apprehensions, concerns and worries then – and now writing it all over again 7 years on - and on the very same. No doubt it being that very insightful and revealing then and even now more too!

 After my Consultancy business went into a tail spin and finally kicking the bucket, I tried to get jobs but I was also met with Sorry Sir – You Are Over 50! -  as in the same series 7 years ago. Then this good newspaper offered me a column to write in English – as they heard I like writing! I never looked back – and 5 books on and with 2 in Management I am still writing – and now in 2 Newspapers in Oman too!

 When I wanted to publish my First Book Between Us Only! - I went to all the influential centres and including my Bank too – but the doors were shut right in front of my face – including bolting the windows too from the inside! Until today I do not know why – and nobody had the guts and courage to tell me. Is it because of what I write? Or is it because of me as a person – that you do not like me as I am and what I look to you? Or is that just mean streak, hyperbole, hypes, jealousies, polarization and envies that some of us are famous of - or what? 

 Then one Oil Company Executive (Omani) coincidentally and incidentally who liked my writings supported me in Publishing costs of the book – though Marketing and Advertising was left to my Pension Salary – and that too taken almost by The Banks due to my failed business – and to avoid more legal and financial tangles already met.

 If anybody ever again came to face me and told me to use my God Given skills, talents, education, innovation etc in being Self-Employed again or as an Entrepreneur I would dare to confront that person by being threatening to be rude and blunt and ask him to go away from me. Allah Gives His Human beings Rizq (Income) and I used to get now and then Temporary Jobs to push my life forward – and published 4 other books on my own accounts - without a single Baizas from anybody else! That is how determined I am in wanting to make it for myself! Sometimes we humans think we are God and control other peoples’ lives, destiny, future and prospects – but that just puts us just in The Sinners List only!

 After my First Management Book, I tried to test the waters again to see if things have changed after reading all the stories going around – but nothing much did. Only the Bank was ready to help to a certain extent – so long as you are not a risk to them. It was all based on you as a Customer with what was left of your pension mainly – and nobody was ready to give you that break and opportunity to look at things on The Big Picture side that here was an Omani (GCC and Arab) Author who had managed to write 5 books and 2 in Management – the later that definite would contribute to Arab Management, Development and Research in our part of the world – and towards Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Talents and Human Resources Development of our Nation - and The Arab World (and Others) in particular and in special reference! 

 Especially in Arab Studies, Research and Development – taking the note that this is a First Time such books have been written in such a unique and special way based on the Author’s personal experiences, anecdotes  and exposures.- as a Human Resources Professional – and Management Expert, Advisor and Expert.

Perhaps because I am an Omani and an Arab Author – and as I have said too in my articles But It Is In My Nature, Not Valuing Our Own, and There Is No Urgency – but if I were different everybody would come out to help and assist. Even the books on rocks, butterflies and wild plants fare better with all the Press Coverage and High Profiles launching their books. These things will not just disappear and go away – But It Is In My Nature! - That is our Curse! And Within Ourselves!OrDo Not Cry For Me!Or stillValuing Our Own! Articles!

Actually, I was talking with my Bookshop In charge and we were discussing options for my books with them display – and the rather dismal sales. Then I was complaining about the lack of support extended to Omani (Arab) Authors and I volunteered maybe because I write in English? He said to me that you are not alone – and there was an Omani lady who writes in Arabic – but she too is all out there without any support, help or assistance – and she even tried more than me to get these but all futile and wasted efforts and time!

 My Management Books are perhaps critical – but factual based on Realities of Personal Experiences, Exposures and Anecdotes of a Human Resources and Management Expert, Professional, Advisor and Consultant - stretching over 40 years in duration. The intention is clear - to build and remedy – through deep self-analysis, soul searching and objective cum analytical approach – for this generation – and for the future specially! There is NO INTENTION to penalize or hurt anybody – nor to take revenge on anyone – because I did not spare even myself in this!

 Thankfully there is still some humanity and feelings out there – and some did come out to help and assist – this I cannot deny – otherwise I am not a Believer and am an ungrateful and unappreciative person. The few newspapers like this one covered all my books in reviews – and so did The Publishers too – they too were impressed and proud that I had gone to them to publish my books with them. They admitted too on this - The First Time and the specialness and uniqueness of the books – and shocked and disappointed too to get my feedbacks of NO REAL ACTION and DEEDS and LIVE ACTION – But Just Rhetoric, Empty Words and lot of Hype!

 We then see all the things happening all around us, The Haiti Earthquake and other Natural Disasters – but nothing moves us or scares at all as if these things that they will not come to us again – we have eyes but do not see – we have ears but cannot hear – and we have mouths but we dare not speak! And my head is all hurt by banging it against a brick wall! 

Last two days I was so unhappy, despondent, sad and disappointed – and I think depression was setting in. I have now even tried other AGCC countries in funds that help the Third World and Others – but in hope of their own too – or as they say charity begins at home – not to others! But then I realize I have been in these same waters 7 years ago – why did I not learn the First Time – and maybe it will be repeated again 7 years on too! NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

 You will forgive me for being cynical, skeptical, and sarcastic – I have just given up now! My head hurts all over!!

 Take Care!

 By Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany