The Grandchildren!

The Oman Daily Observer of Sunday April 18, 2010.

 Between Us Only!

The Grandchildren!

When I was studying in Primary School in this Community run school (Indian) in Tanzania, in the beginning there were these Religious Classes that were not compulsory for those from the other faiths and sects – but I used to attend and used to ask a lot of questions – and I was politely and tactfully ‘told’ that you did not have to attend (and leave us alone in peace and harmony – unsaid!). 

But I always remember this anecdote - Diplomacy is telling someone to go to Hell- and he is looking forward for the trip! The truth was I had fallen ‘head over heels’ for one of the girls there in that class - and in my desire to ‘impress and show myself off’ – till my poor late dad heard about it – and I had to decide then to be either a ‘dead hero’ or ‘still living son!’

 Anyway, seriously though - the reason why I bring this up today is because in one of the lessons, the so-called Priest was lecturing why their spiritual leader was passing over the ‘throne’ to the grandson – instead of the son. Events proved later that the father had died in a tragic road accident. From that day it surprised me why a generation had lapsed from a grandfather to a grandson – and not the son in between! If you ask me now I will reply – I now do understand. 

Grandchildren are the greatest gift from our Lord – and one has to be eternal grateful and appreciative to see them born healthy, fit and in good spirits! I can tell you that they make me continue to feel living is still worth it – and to be healthy and in good state in life and mind frame – and makes you forget all the rest of life’s upsets, disappointments, giveth, frustrations, let downs and betrayals. I do not want anyone to ‘start playing the fiddle for me anymore’ as in my previous articles – but I leave it at that only – as much as has been said already in this same column and in my books too! One must move on and forward in life!

 A friend of mine who cannot fast because of his serious health condition was telling me this funny anecdote of his grandson telling everyone who came in the house and within earshot that ‘grandfather was not fasting – and he should feel ashamed of himself after lecturing us just at this young stage to ‘start practise fasting!  The pun started losing its laughter and touch when he started now telling others in the supermarkets and other places too!

My granddaughter (first one Aliyazah) was asking me why she has always got to be the one who sits in the middle in all photo shots, when the other two girls (Mariah and Ritaal) are kept on her sides? So I tell her – because you are the bigger one and to catch them if any would fall. She is the same girl that retorted to me that the Quraan Class Recitations are for school only – and not to be recited in the home! This after I asked her to recite one verse for me! The same girl who will sing readily for you English children songs like Jack and Jill, or Twinkle - Twinkle Little Star! 

Concerning myself and my own grandparents, I never met those from my Father’s side because my grandmother in Hail Ghaaf Quriyaat got married to someone else after my grandfather who had gone from there to Tanzania died before even I was born! But on my Mother side and typical of his Omani Arab Interior lot then (peace be upon him) the daughter’s children took lower priority because of the tribal surname aspect – though my parents were cousins and my late father was his nephew too. But my maternal grandmother liked me a lot – and I was her special one as also being the First Born!

This article is dedicated to my grandchildren – especially Ritaal whose her One Year Old Birthday is Today!

 Here we are all four together! Ritaal is the one who is the two teethed one! (on my right).

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Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

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