The Real Reasons Why They Do Not Support Your Books!

The Real Reasons Why They Do Not Support Your Books!

I received this Email from a very good friend (Indian)…

Dear Majid – Thank you for your websites at and - also at and –
It provided me a lot of interesting reading after getting tired of reading the usual blogs of people attacking each other subjectively and personally to make their case or points across – or to defend themselves.

I have come to the sad realization that the main reason why they do not support your books because you SPEAK THE TRUTH … and the facts as they are really are on the ground.

Like in your book themes, it is true there is a lot that needs to improve on The Arab Management Side (and fast too!) and the FEW misbehaving crude Expatriates amongst us here have to change and transform FAST TOO – before they cause irreparable harm and damage to a very beautiful tolerant peaceful and compassionate country like Oman – the few left in the world – and the beacon to others – and an example to follow and emulate!

The few bad apples should not spoil the whole basket of us especially Residents and Expatriates here in Oman – and we see Oman as our Second Home – even if we strive to go to Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc.

I have read your books and articles – to me always you will be that Big Man and With A Big Heart! );

We will pray for you for the Booker Award!!

Your Friend Always,

RP – May 13th 2010